Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer

Hilifting is a professional electric chain hoist supplier, our electric chain hoist mainly consists of the motor, transmission mechanism, and chain wheel, etc, it improves the disadvantage of manual operation and low speed, which retain the convenience of hand chain hoist and electric hoist automatic function.

Electric Chain Hoist

Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist (EHK TYPE)

Electric Chain Hoist EHK Type

Electric Chain Hoist EHE Type

Electric Chain Hoist EHE Type

Electric Chain Hoist with Thermal Protection (EHC TYPE)

Electric Chain Hoist EHC Type

Top Electric Chain Hoist Supplier in China

Electric chain hoist is an effective material handling equipment for lifting, transmission with the advantages of light weight, small volume high hardness, and low wear, which can improve working conditions and highly enhance labor efficiency. As a top electric chain hoist supplier in China, if you are looking for electric chain hoist manufacturer from China, Hilifting is the right one, we can help you and your business grow and succeed.

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