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Manual Hoisting Equipment

Hilifting supplies full line of manual hoisting equipment, includes chain block, lever hoist, beam, trolley and lifting clamp, and wire rope pulling hoist.

Manual hoisting equipment powered by hand chains or wire ropes via an operator to lift vertical freely suspended, heavy, and bulky loading or lower the load, it is different from electric hoists which are powered by electrically driven motors.

If you are looking for manual hoisting equipment manufacturer from China, Hilifting is the right one, we can help you and your business grow and succeed.

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Manual Hoisting Equipment Category

Chain Block

Chain block is also known as hand chain hoist or manual block or chain tackle, it contains a lifting chain, a hand chain, top and bottom grabbing hooks, just simply pulling hand chain, the mechanism inside the hoisting…

Manual Chain Block CK Type

Snatch Block and Pulley

Snatch block is a simple, but heavy-duty pulley usually is used in conjunction with winches in self-recovery situations, increase the lifting or pulling capacity of wire hoists and winches, redirect the course of a winch line and reduce…

H419 Heavy Type Champion Snatch Block With Shackle

Lever Hoist

Lever hoists are also referred to as ratchet chain lever hoists, they utilize a long ratchet lever and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension, commonly used to tension, pull and position…

Manual Lever Hoist VL Type

Beam Clamp

Beam Clamp is a simple and safe temporary anchor point for hoisting equipment. It has a T-handle for quick and easy adjustment range and offers a safe and secure grip to the beam flange…

Standard Beam Clamp With Shackle

Trolley Clamp

Trolley clamp is also referred to as trolley winch or trolley beam clamp, it is a manual hand trolley, commonly has two types, plain/push trolley and geared trolley, the plain/push trolley has screw adjustability to fit the beam..

GCL-A Geared Trolley

Lifting Clamp

Lifting clamp including horizontal lifting clamp and vertical lifting clamp, it is designed to lift and transport steel drums, steel plates, and structures, so it is also referred to drum clamp, plate clamp…

LCF Type Horizontal Lifting Clamp

Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Wire rope pulling hoist is also referred to as a manual wire rope puller, which is a hand-operated lifting and pulling device, can be used for lifting, pulling, and general movement of loads, ideal for 4WD and off road applications…

Aluminium Body Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

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