Ferrules and Sleeves

Ferrules and Sleeves

Ferrules and sleeves are also known as wire rope sleeves, wire rope crimps, and cable ferrules, they are pressed by die holders facilities to form a loop for easy anchoring with thimbles eyes, and ensure the ferrule and sleeves have no possibility of sliding off the wire ropes. Commonly they are used to form an eye loop and stop ends on wire ropes in paired with wire rope thimbles.

Ferrules and sleeves come in available in varieties material, aluminum is the most common and economical sleeve material, while stainless steel sleeves and copper sleeves are also available. Our normal ferrules and sleeves are Us type hourglass aluminium ferrule, Din3039 aluminium wire rope ferrule, copper and carbon steel wire rope ferrule, also we can source others for our customers in China to meet your needs.

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A Complete Buying Guideline of Ferrules and Sleeves

1. What is a ferrule?

Wire rope ferrule is also known as wire rope sleeve, cable ferrule, wire rope crimps, or cable ferrule stop, it is a wire rope accessory used to terminate the ends of wire rope and cable.

Wire rope thimble with ferrule crimp

2. What cable ferrule types do we supply?

Wire rope ferrules are great safety for wire ropes, they come in available in varieties types, each type has its own applications.

cable ferrules: Aluminum wire rope ferrule is made of aluminum material, fabricated by squeezing and machining, can be easily attached to wire rope directly by ferrule crimping tools. Hilifting can supply Din 3093 aluminum cable ferrules, conform to DIN 3093, also known as EN 13411-3 and oval aluminum ferrules wire rope meets the requirements of the US. The oval type ferrule is used to make an eye on the end of a wire rope sling or steel cable, while double wire ferrule makes a loop to supply a strong connection between two strands of wire rope.

Copper ferrule: Copper ferrules, aka copper sleeves, brass ferrules, they are made from brass, are a very economical wire rope ferrule connectors, can provide a strong joint in a wire rope assembly.

Steel swage ferrule: Steel swage ferrule is made from carbon steel, can be swaged and extruded by ferrule crimper.

Ferrule stop: Ferrule stop is also a kind of wire rope ferrule, but it is a smaller wire rope ferrule, primarily used to keep one of the wire rope cable end from passing through other groove materials.

3. How to crimp ferrule?

There are lots of different kinds and ranging of sizes of wire rope ferrules, no matter what kind of cable ferrule we can use a hand crimping tool or a hydraulic press to apply enough force to crush the ferrule locking the wire rope within, see this Infographic for the detailed How to install a wire rope ferrule & end stop.

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