Grade 100 Components

Grade 10/100 Components

Grade 10/100 Components has a higher load capacity than Grade 8/80 Components commonly at the same sizes, added benefits of increased toughness and longer service life, small volume, light weight and high strength with the smooth surface, making them ideal for industrial circumstances. Mark special specification, painted plastic blue for identification.

All our Grade 10/100 Components are EN & US certified products for the lifting industry and material handling industry and comply with the highest levels of quality control. Grade 10/100 Components is the fitting of Grade 100 lifting chain slings, which is fully fatigue rated, proof tested and magnaflux crack detected.

Hilifting maybe the best one of Grade 10/100 Components supplier in China, can provide Grade 10/100 lifting hooks, grab hooks, master links, and connecting links.

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Grade 10/100 Components

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