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Stainless Steel Terminals

Stainless steel terminals are the fittings of stainless steel turnbuckle and rigging screws, they are designed to terminate stainless steel wire rope or fix stainless steel fittings to a fixture point.

These stainless steel wire terminals can be swaged terminals or swageless terminals. Hilifting offers many types of terminal fittings, including toggle, eye, fork, rod, deck and stud terminals, all of them are manufactured from stainless steel with a flawless polished finish, which makes them perfect for the public places, such as shade structures, wire balustrade, architectural and sailing boats, yachts.

If you are looking for stainless steel hardware supplier that offers good quality and competitive prices, you are in right place now, our sales team can ensure you that we can understand your requirements well and deal with the projects immediately and professionally.

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