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We are one of the best stainless steel turnbuckle suppliers in China, and offer a range of patterns of stainless steel turnbuckle, features high durability and added corrosive resistance, perfect for outdoor and landscaping projects as well as in boat rigging, sculpting and artworks corrosive environments.

There is a wide variety of turnbuckle end fittings, including jaw type, eye type, hook type, swage stud, and toggles in various sizes from small stainless steel turnbuckles to large ones, each of them manufactured from high specification polished solid stainless steel grade 316 and can ensure superb adjustment without the risk of seizing or galling and it is made from stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

If you are looking for stainless steel marine turnbuckles or the right assembly that offers good quality and competitive price, you are in right place now.

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Popular options of stainless steel turnbuckle

Stainless steel turnbuckles are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, with element molybdenum, which adds to the corrosive resistance of the more common type 304 stainless steel, and more corrosive resistant than galvanized rigging turnbuckle, and ideal for marine rigging industry.

Here are some popular types stainless steel turnbuckle we made for our customers!

  • Eye and eye: Our eye and eyes stainless steel turnbuckle is similar to the galvanized eye and eye turnbuckle, the elongated loop endings feature no vulnerable connection points that minimizes stress on the turnbuckle component and easy to attach other hardware.
  • Hook and eye: Stainless steel hook and eye turnbuckle is made of high corrosive resistant type 316 stainless steel, has highest resistance to corrosives. Made for in-line or straight pull applications only. This marine stainless steel turnbuckle features a hook and an eye on body end, allows for a faster connection/disconnet properties, while the eye end fixed.
  • Hook and hook: This turnbuckle stainless steel with open hooks on each end can rotate in any directions to fast connect/disconnect rigging hardware. This end fitting offers the quickest option for attachment and release.
  • Jaw and jaw: Jaw jaw turnbuckle stainless steel has double jaws at both ending, this type of stainless steel turnbuckle can easily attach the fixed anchor point and secure the closed connection from slipping off for fitting with the nut and bolt on the jaws, stainless steel jaw jaw turnbuckles have the highest level in resistance to corrosion than AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Toggle and toggle: This turnbuckle has a closed body with the toggles on each end, usually the closed body turnbuckle known as rigging screws, they are ideal for connecting wire rope to wire rope or from wire rope to an anchor point. The 316 marine grade stainless steel is corrosion resistant and very durable even in the harshest environments. The rigging screws body can be mixed and matched with a jaw, eye , and stud end.
  • Swage stud: This stainless steel closed body turnbuckle is fitting with swage stud, which is machined and stamped from type 316 stainless steel, allows you to slott wire ropes, cables into it, then hydraulically pressed onto the wire ropes to create an inline balustrade or rigging adjuster to secure them permanently.

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