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Stainless steel wire rope is also known as stainless steel cable, braided wire rope, and braided cable, It is commonly available in two elements, the core, and outer strands, the strands are made up of individual wires, these are the basic construction for stainless steel wire rope.

Stainless steel wire rope has a range of strands but commonly popular in these forms which are used for various purposes, 1×7 stainless steel wire rope, 1×19 stainless steel wire rope, 7×7 stainless steel wire rope, and 7×19 stainless steel wire rope, all are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, which can be compliment with other stainless steel wire rope end fittings in applications for cable railing, architectural cables, cable balustrading, cable display systems, and cable trellis.

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