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Textile Lifting Slings & Harness

Textile lifting slings and harness are used in many industries and environments, make the lifting tasks simple, safe, quick and much more efficient.

Polyester flat webbing slings are the ideal lifting, towing and pulling solution, produced from Hi-tech quality synthetic webbing with wide widths to suit the different working load limits, and different colors to easily identify the required WLL, plus have one stitched stripe per tonne for additional identification.

Polyester round slings are softer than duplex slings and kinder to delicate surfaces that can be used in cargo handling, drilling equipment, heating units, industrial, logging and etc. They are made up of seamless outer polyester sleeves or protective covers, and cores produced from a continuous hank of high-tenacity polyester. The polyester seamless cover can help with wear reduction in high-stress areas, protect the internal cores from damage and essentially extending the working life of lifting sling.

Hilifting is a professional webbing sling supplier, has its own clean workshop with industrial cutting and sewing machinery, advanced weaving technology which enables us to manufacture webbing slings, round slings, one way slings, endless slings, synthetic bridle slings, safety harness, etc.

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Webbing Sling ASME

Webbing slings are made from polyester webbing colour coded to identify their safety working load limit, then sewn in a specific way to create high strength. Our webbing Sling ASME are manufactured to ASME/ANSI B30.9 Class 7, WSTDA-WS-1 (Web Sling and Tie down Association)…

Synthetic Webbing Sling ASME

Webbing Sling EN1492-1

Webbing slings EN1492-1 are made from polyester webbing color coded to identify their safety working load limit, meet to EN1492-1:2008 with a safety factor of 7:1, Safety Factor of 6:1 or 5:1 is available upon customers request(W.L.L from 1 ton to 12 tons, width 25mm, 30mm)…

Synthetic Webbing Sling EN1492-1

Webbing Sling AS1353

Hilifting supplies a complete range of webbing sling manufactured from high quality polyester yarn to comply with the requirements of AS 1353 with webbing sling safety factor 8:1, The web sling colour code for easy identification of Safe Working Load Limit…

Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353

Round Sling ASME

Round slings ASME are eye and eye type endless sling feature high strength polyester fibers yarn inside the tube, meet the standard ASME/ANSI B.30.9 with the safety factor 5:1. They are strong, light and high performance lifting slings have low elongation but extremely wear-resistant…

Round Sling ASME

Round Sling EN1492-2

Round sling EN1492-2 are made from high strength polyester fibers yarn meet the standard EN 1492-2:2008, are ideal for lifting objects with smooth, polished, and cylindrical characteristic, and can’t cause any damages, including flat webbing slings, endless slings, wire rope slings and chain slings…

Round Sling EN1492-2

Round Sling AS4497

Round sling AS4497 is manufactured to the Australian Standard AS 4497 with the safety factor of 7:1, is one of the most soft and flexible lifting slings in Australia and New Zealand markets. has full line of lifting slings, including flat webbing slings, endless slings, round slings…

Round Sling AS4497

Endless Web Sling ASME

Endless webbing slings ASME are manufactured in accordance with all relevant regulations, including the EN1492-1 and ASME/ANSI B30.9, which has a very high strength tenacity and excellent water- and stain-repellent, offers a good resistant to UV and chemicals…

Endless Web Sling ASME

Endless Webbing Sling EN1492-1

Endless webbing slings EN1492-1 are available in a different of widths and colour, which can be easily identified the safe working loads and black stripes, each stripe equal to 1 tonne capacity meters and safety factor is 7 times of working load limit…

Endless Webbing Sling EN1492-1

One Way Sling

One way sling is also referred to as a one way disposable sling, one way lifting sling or disposable one way sling, These types of lifting slings previously had a safety duty rating of 5:1 and were typically thrown away once used, however it is don’t need to be disposed of after just one…

Polyester One Way Disposable Sling

Synthetic Bridle Sling

Synthetic bridle sling is also known as a nylon web bridle sling or nylon rigging sling is lightweight but very strong and easy to handle, making it a good choice for more fragile or polished equipment that needs to be handled carefully…

Quadruple Leg Synthetic Bridle Sling

Safety Harness, Energy Absorber, Belt, Lanyard and Accessories

Safety harness, energy absorber, and lanyard are all fall protection system productions, they can absorb enough energy to keep impact forces below acceptable levels and protect their users from the risk of injury…

Dorsal D Ring Fall Protection Safety Harness EN361

Webbing Sling Materials

Webbing sling materials are made from 100% polyester according DIN-EN-1492-1. Polyester has an excellent strength to weight ratios, is resistant to acids and UV light, and not affected by grease and oil, easy to inspect, virtually hazardous free to the user, besides…

Sling Webbing

6 Key Considerations You Should Know Before Choosing a Synthetic Web Sling

Synthetic web sling can be used for a variety of lifting and towing applications and have many advantages over the lifting chain, including low weight and ease of handling, so how to select the right webbing sling for your lifting application is very important.

The following are 6 key considerations you should learn before choosing a synthetic web sling:

1. Material

Synthetic Web Sling Materials

Polyester (PE):

Used mainly where acid conditions are present or a minimum stretch is desired, polyester is unaffected by common acid and hot bleaching agents, it is not suitable for use with concentrated sulfuric acid, alkaline or the locations where temperatures exceed 100°C or less than -40°C, stretch at rated capacity is approximately 3%.

Nylon (PA):

The most widely used general-purpose synthetic web sling, is unaffected by grease and oil. It has good chemical resistance
to aldehyde, ethers, and strong alkalis. But it is not suitable for use with acids and bleaching agents or the locations where temperatures exceed 100°C or less than -40°C. Stretch at rated capacity is approximately 6-8%.

UHMWPE: (Dyneema)

High-performance synthetic sling(Dyneema Sling)is made of a super strong polyethylene fiber. It is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger if on a weight-for-weight basis. It has high energy absorption and low elongation, Dyneema sling floats on water.and is extremely resistant to abrasion, moisture, UV rays, and chemicals. As a result, it has an almost unlimited range of applications. Providing maximum strength and security for minimum weight.

2. Eye types

Eye Types Of Webbing Slings

The eyes of web slings are usually connected with rigging hooks. They can help reduce the wear of the webbing slings end, thereby extending web sling life. The following photos illustrate the more common eye forms using at the end of synthetic web slings.

3. Plies

Synthetic Web Sling Plies

Synthetic web sling can be sewn in single, double, or multiple plies, basically, the more ply numbers, the much higher load capacity at the same width, refers to the layers of webbing that make up the body of the sling.

4. Width

The wider width, the greater protection, and the higher rated capacity. Here below is the table to show the width of web sling and color coded to indicate their capacity:

The minimal safety factor value must be at least equal to> 7:1 for webbing and round slings, > 4:1 for accessories made of steel, > 5:1 for the remaining components.

5. Types of web slings

Flat eye & eye web sling, single layer, duplex or double duplex web slings with soft eyes at each end

Webbing Slings with Flat eye yellow

Webbing Slings with Flat eye yellow

Round slings, endless or eye & eye types, are covered with a durable polyester fabric and very pliable.

Round Sling EN1492-2

Round Sling EN1492-2

Endless slings are one large “endless” loop, can be adjusted with wear points, to extend the working life of the sling.

Endless Web Sling ASME

Endless Web Sling ASME

6. Sling hitches

Sling hitches

There are several types of sling hitches used for lifting, followings are the common types of sling hitches for rigging the load, you can easily find the different from the table.

Safety is always the most important aspect to consider when lifting and moving large objects, this article will help you understand some of the keys to choosing synthetic slings. Hilifting is always your best choice for buying the premium synthetic web sling at an affordable price.

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