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Transport and Load Restraint

Transport cargo restraint and load restraint products are the perfect work vehicle companion to quickly secure any loose items that need restraining to prevent movement from movement when being transported between locations. Ratchet tie straps is the most commonly used cargo restraint, feature a steel ratchet handle with a high tensile polyester webbing, which has great water, UV resistant and resistant to chemicals, besides they feature low-stretch properties and good durability than load binders. They are not lifting equipment and cannot be used for lifting applications under any circumstances.

Hilifting is a professional transport cargo restraint supplier and load restraint manufacturer in China, if you have any Interested in wholesale polyester webbing slings, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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Transport and Load Restraint Category

Ratchet Strap ASTM

Ratchet straps are also known as ratchet lashing, ratchet tie down, tie down straps, lashing with webbing, Hilifting ratchet ties downs are manufactured In accordance with ASTM B30.9 standards, with widths sizes 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″ , M.B.S from 1,000lbs to 15,000lbs…

Ratchet Tie Down Strap ASTM

Ratchet Strap EN12195-2

Ratchet tie down straps EN12195-2 come in a variety of colours, widths, lengths and end fittings. The sizes we offer ratchet tie down straps widths 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm ratchets, with the accordance end fittings on both sides, such as single/double J hook…

Ratchet Tie Down Strap EN12195-2

Ratchet Strap AS4380

Hilifting ratchet ties down straps are manufactured In accordance with Australian Standards / New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4380:2001 standards. They are ideal for bundling, storing and transporting cargo and keep the transportation security…

Ratchet Tie Down Strap AS4380

Slack Line

Slack line is a nylon or polyester webbing, designed for daily balance training, moving meditation and family entertainment. It is tensioned between two anchors, like a long and narrow trampoline for the act of walking…


Hand Winch

Hand winch is designed for lift, lower, or position a heavy load more quickly by manual winches, it can be used for construction, maritime, manufacturing, and more. Hilifting can offer manual, heavy-duty hand winches…

Boat Gear Hand Winch Without Rope or Belt

Hand Puller

Hand puller is also known as ratchet puller, power puller, it is a lever-operated manual device, utilizes a ratchet and pawls mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension…

Hand Ratchet Puller

Truck Winch

Truck winches are designed for truck, Jeep, or SUV towing, they are very cost-effectively winches for getting out of the mud, very easily operated by hand. Hilifting is best truck winch suppliers in China, if you…

Truck Winch

Ratchet Tie Down Fittings

At Hilifting, you can find all your tie down hardware, ratchets and cam buckles, rave chassis hooks, wire hooks, rings and links…

Ratchet Tie Down Strap ASTM

Cargo Lashing Straps Webbing

Hilifting is a high tenacity cargo lashing straps webbing manufacturer in China, can offer many dimensions polyester lashing straps webbing for ratchet straps and tow straps, are available in the widths 25mm, 35mm…

Cargo Lashing Straps Webbing

Cord Strap and Buckle

Cord Straps is referred to as synthetic steel, made of high strength polyester filament yarns, can well bind and fix scattered bundles of goods, making their transport more secure and fast…

Woven Polyester Cord Strapping

It is very important to follow the correct heavy-duty ratchet strap instructions while you’re transporting cargo in a truck-bed or trailer.

1. So what is a Ratchet Strap?

what is a Ratchet Strap

A ratchet strap is used to secure and tie downloads during transport. It is very different from load binders, which is lightweight, low stretch rate and resistant to abrasion, making for idea cargo load restraint securement device.

2. And what are ratchet straps made of?

what are ratchet straps made of

The webbing part is made from polyester, with different widths, length, working load limit, and the ratchet buckle and ending fitting have many different types for different applications.

3. How many different types of ratchet straps can you supply?

Transport cargo control and load restraint

Ratchet straps are one of the most popular methods for securing cargo and available in a variety of colors, widths and lengths, generally from 25mm(1″) to 100mm(4″) with different ratchet buckles and end hooks.

4. How to use ratchet straps?

Ratchet Tie Down Applications

Always be sure to follow the ratchet strap instructions for the unit, for some tie down straps have different configurations.

Follow the 4 steps to make your ratchet straps safe and easy:

  1. Keep the strap loose and not twisted.
  2. Thread the strap through the mandrel of ratchet, and then pull the strap back to until taut.
  3. Crank the ratchet the handle upwards and downwards to secure the strap.
  4. Close the ratchet handle to lock down the ratchet handle in place.

5. How to loosen a ratchet strap?

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, follow the 4 steps to quickly undo your ratchet straps from your cargo:

  1. Pull the small tab near the top of the ratchet to release the ratchet strap.
  2. Open the ratchet completely to make the ratchet lays flat.
  3. Pull strap out of the mandrel slot.
  4. Pull and hold the small tab to close ratchet back down.

6. Useful tips for how to store ratchet straps

When the ratchet straps are removed from your cargos, put the ratchet handle back into its locked position, and then how to store ratchet straps? Here are some useful tips to extend the lifespan of tie down straps:

1. Keep the ratchet strap clean and dry before storage, store them in a dry but away from sunlight environment can extend the tie down straps lifespan.

2. Inspect the ratchet straps and steel ratcheting mechanisms for potential defects if any burns, or frayed on the straps, or corrosion on the steel ratchet buckles.

3. Coil up and secure the ratchet tie down straps with rubber bands or bungee cords to keep ratchet straps organized.

The above tips can greatly improve the lifespan of your ratchet straps. You can find our full line of tie downs, visit our Transport & Load Restraint page, you can find the best ratchet strap replacement if your tie down straps does become damaged.

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