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There are three basic slings to lift heavy loads, chain slings, wire rope slings and synthetic textile slings. Chains are the most common and safety fitting for chain slings, they are suitable for construction sites, factories and warehouses.

As a professional chains manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in China, Hilifting almost produce full range of high quality chain, marine grade stainless steel chain, galvanised steel link chain, short link chain, long link and mid link chains, high tensile alloy steel Grade 80 lifting chains, snow chains, skidder chains, and has already developed marine and offshore anchor chain with and high performance capabilities.etc. they are ideal for a range of uses, including lifting, lashing, and marine across industry or commercial use.

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Welded Link Chain

Hilifting product line mainly include short and long link chain, Grade 43 high test chain, proof coil chain Grade 30, transport chain Grade 70, Grade 80 alloy steel lifting chain, etc. meet various standards, ASTM, NACM, BS, DIN, EN, AS…

Galvanized DIN763 Long Link Chain

Weldless Link Chain

Weldless link chain is a light weight with combines strength and flexibility chain, used for hanging, swing sets, animal chains and hammocks, but not for overhead lifting purpose use. Our weldless link chain line mainly include DIN5686 knotted chain and double loop chain…

US Standard Double Loop Chain

Chain Sling

Chain Slings are the most durable and robust types of lifting slings, with more temperature tolerant, cut resistant, and adjustable, they suitable for handling odd-shaped or hard-to-position loads, ideal for use where headroom is limited, with…

Grade 8 Quadruple Leg Chain Slings

Snow Chain

Snow chains are designed for heavy snowfall, icy road, mud and scree or sand conditions, ideal for increasing the tire traction when driving in the poor road conditions, making the tires of vehicles much safer. In Hilifting snow chain product line, we offer garden tractor…

Single Twist Link Snow Chains For Trucks

Skidder Chain

The skidder chains are made of hardened alloy steel, feature wear longer, more uniformly, and without breakage associated with case hardened products. can provide excellent traction for forestry and heavy equipment operating in mud or snow…

Diamond Studded Skidder Chains

Mining Chain

The mining chains are made from alloy steel, can provide maximum strength for long service life, are typically used in ash conveyor systems for coal-fired and biomass generation stations, due to their high strength and flexibility in operation…

Grade 80 Coal Mining Chain Compact Chain

Fishing Chain

Grade 80 fishing line chain is not to be used for lifting with light and highly resistant to wear, marine corrosion, designed for commercial fishing applications…

Fishing Chains

Animal Chain

Animal chain is a light duty weldless chain, used for playground, gymnasium equipment farm, and animal tie-outs, it is not recommended for overhead lifting or swing sets…

US Double Loop Animal Chain

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