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China leading manufacturer of Chain

Wetop is a professional chains supplier with more than 20 years of experience in China, we can produce a full range of high-quality chains, marine-grade stainless steel chains, and galvanized steel link chain

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US Standard Double Loop Chain

Weldless Link Chain

Top Weldless Link Chain Supplier in China Wetop is a professional weldless link chain supplier…

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Galvanized DIN763 Long Link Chain

Welded Link Chain

Top Welded Link Chain Supplier in China As a professional welded link chain supplier with…

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ZGE Emergency Snow Chains

Snow Chain

Top Snow Chain Supplier in China As a professional snow chain supplier with more than…

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Diamond Studded Skidder Chains

Skidder Chain

Top Skidder Chain Supplier in China Wetop is the top skidder chain supplier in China,…

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Grade 80 Coal Mining Chain Compact Chain

Mining Chain

Top Mining Chain Supplier in China The mining chains are made from alloy steel, can provide maximum…

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Grade 8 Quadruple Leg Chain Slings

Chain Sling

Top Chain Slings Supplier in China Chain Slings are the most durable and robust types of…

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Carbon steel for rigging accessories


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Stainless Steel Eye Bolts


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Chains: Strength, Durability, and Safety Guaranteed

There are three basic slings for lifting heavy loads, lashing, or commercial use: chain slings, wire rope slings, and synthetic textile slings. Chains are the most common and safety fitting, they are necessary for construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

Hilifting chains have the features below :

  1. Hot-dip galvanizing according to ISO 1461 with no ribs, lumps, or omissions.
  2. Raw materials carbon steel, alloy steel, or stainless steel which are new and no recycles.
  3. Uniform on the size and high breaking load to guarantee the stable.

As a professional chains manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in China, Wetop doesn’t only sell chains to you but also supplies you with the best solution to make your business grow and succeed.

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