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Hilifting is a professional electric trolleys supplier in China, our electric trolleys are attached to electric hoist and other hoisting tools to form one electric transportation driving for lifting or running on the bottom flange of standard I beam and wide H beam track at a curve radius of curvature tortuous path for loading and unloading.

Electric Trolley

Electric Trolley ETK Type

Electric Trolley ETK Type

Electric Trolley ETA Type

Electric Trolley ETA Type

Top Electric Trolley Manufacturer in China

Electric trolleys are also called motorized trolleys (MDT), powered trolleys, electric crawl trolleys, or electric monorail cars, they are used for supporting and mounting hoisting equipment, instead of hooks for hanging and moving the electric chain hoists and lifting loads and heavy cargos, which are easy to install and transport.

If you are looking for electric trolleys manufacturer from China, Hilifting is the right one, our sales team can ensure you that we can understand your requirements well and deal with the projects immediately and professionally.

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