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What’s the payment term when ordering the chains, wire ropes or rigging accessories from your company?2019-09-20T20:52:28+08:00

Payment Term: 30% T/T in advance and 70% T/T balance against copy B/L. (For small order, we prefer 100% T/T in advance).

Payment Method: T/T, L/C.

What’s your packing of your chains, wire ropes or rigging accessories?2019-09-20T20:58:52+08:00

To protect them on long-distance delivery, we usually pack the shackles, turnbuckles, chains, lifting slings in the following ways:

Sacks, Drums, Cartons, Gunny Bags on Wooden Pallet Or Steel Pallet, these are a traditional way to pack the shackles, turnbuckles, chains.  Of course, we can pack as per your requests.


How do you arrange the chains, wire ropes and rigging accessories delivery?2019-07-30T10:01:16+08:00

We generally ship the goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.

But in some cases, we can deliver the goods in other ways:

Air Cargo: For urgent and small order, we can deliver the goods to your hand by air, it is fast and the cost is also expensive

Deliver the Goods to Your Forwarder: If you have any forwarder (or friend) in China (such as Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen), we can deliver the goods to their place, and they can take care of the rest after receiving the goods.

What’s your rigging accessories, lifting and related accessories grade?2019-09-20T21:12:33+08:00

Chains can be supplied in grade 3 (grade 30), grade 4 (grade 43), grade 7 (grade 70), grade 8 (grade 80) or grade 10 (grade 100) lifting chain. Various rigging end fittings are available on both to pair with chains, such as chain shackles, grab hooks, eye hooks, load binders, self-locking hooks, bow shackles, etc.

How many types of chains Hilifting have at present and how to choose?2019-09-20T22:06:26+08:00

Hilifting product line mainly includes short and long link chain, Grade 43 high test chain, proof coil chain Grade 30, transport chain Grade 70, Grade 80 alloy steel lifting chain, etc. meet various standards, ASTM, NACM, BS, DIN, EN, AS.

What’s the differences between drop forged and casting iron products?2019-09-20T22:36:09+08:00

Drop forged steel is usually stronger and more reliable than castings iron products since forging is the controlled deformation of metal into a specific shape by comprehensive force, a process evolved from blacksmithing. Casting is pouring liquid metal into a mold.


What if my sourcing products are not listed on your website?2019-09-20T22:37:41+08:00

There are hundreds of rigging accessories items and different material or sizes available, we just listed some popular rigging items on the website. If you are not finding items you need, please send an email to, we would be happy to assist you.

Does Hilifting provide Customization or ODM (Original Designed Manufacturer) ?2019-09-20T22:40:07+08:00

Yes, we also offer custom acc. to requests, and provide customization solutions that can be built to your special demands.

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