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Wire Rope Clips

Galv Duplex Wire Rope Clip

Duplex Wire Rope Clip

Galv Simplex Galv Wire Rope Clip

Simplex Wire Rope Clip

DIN1142 Galvanized Malleable Wire Rope Clip

DIN1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip

Type A Galvanized Malleable Wire Rope Clip

Type A Malleable Wire Rope Clip

DIN741 Galvanized Malleable Wire Rope Clip

DIN741 Malleable Wire Rope Clip

US Type Galvanized Malleable Wire Rope Clip

US Type Malleable Wire Rope Clip

Galvanized Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip G450

US Type Drop Forged G450 Wire Rope Clip

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Hilifting is one of the leading wire rope clamps suppliers in China. We can produce many types of wire rope clips, including drop forged wire rope clips, galvanized wire rope clips, malleable wire rope clips, and stainless wire rope clamps, which meet the standards of the US, EN, DIN, and JIS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wire rope clips are also known as wire rope clamps or wire rope grips, They are a simple accessories and used to an eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together.

Wire rope clip is otherwise known as a wire rope clamp, wire cable clamp, wire clamp, wire clip, U-bolt, etc. It is widely used for making eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together. The traditional styles of wire rope clips usually have three components: a U-shaped bolt, a forged or cast iron saddle, and two nuts.

What is a wire rope clip

Generally, wire rope assemblies need at least two or three wire rope clips to secure the ends properly to the length of the rope.

The wire rope clips are available in a range of sizes and finishes, while you can easily find the difference from the appearance, traditional wire clips with u bolt, saddle and nuts, fist grip, stamped cable clamp.

Cast and malleable wire rope clips can only be used under light duty loads applications with relatively light loads, such as handrails, fencing, guard rails, etc.

While the drop forged wire rope clip variety is recommended for important, critical or sustaining overhead loads, such as guy lines, support lines, scaffolding, etc. The drop forged wire rope clips can be used in critical suspending, guying, and tie-down applications for the die forging process make them strong and more durable and the heating and hammering steps make their structure to be consistent and conform to the shape of the forged item.

Galvanized Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip G450
Galvanized Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip

Simplex and duplex cable clamps are also known as single stamped wire clip and double stamped cable clip are composed of stamping plate, saddle, and bolts, feature an aesthetic design, used for outdoor light duty applications.

Wire rope clips are available in a variety of materials and finishes but basically three types of materials, carbon steel, cast, malleable iron, and stainless steel.

Carbon steel wire rope cable clamps are galvanized, or hot dipped galvanized, the galvanised metal wire clamp has an added zinc layer to prevent rusting and protect against scratching and the addition of carbon corresponds with an increase in the hardness and strength of wire rope cable clamps. G, but stainless steel wire rope clamps are the best choice for corrosion-resistant applications that can be used for saltwater environments.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clips
Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clips

Commonly wire rope clamp installation is very simple, there’s a well-known saying can help you remember how to attach wire rope clips, that reads “never saddle a dead horse.” Just follow the recommendation ways:

  • The dead-end of the wire rope (the end of the cut side) must be contacted with the U bolt, then the saddle should be on the live end.
  • Keep three or more wire rope clips attached at the end of the wire rope dead end, space between each wire rope clip should be at least 6 times the wire rope diameter.
  • Tighten the wire rope clip closest to the thimble eye loop as possible, and never start from the one farthest from eye separately first.
  • You can see the correct and incorrect ways of installation from the following pictures and find how many wire rope clips to use at one wire rope loop.
  • See these posts for understanding the wire rope installation: Wire rope thimble installation & How to crimp ferrule?

Wire rope clips are widely used for making end terminations. Clips are available in two basic designs; the U-Bolt and fist grip. The efficiency of both types is the same.

When using U-Bolt clips, extreme care must be exercised to make certain that they are attached correctly; Incorrect installation can reduce the working load limit by 40%. Below are general guidelines for installing wire rope clips.

The saddle shall be placed on the live end of the wire rope, with the U-bolt on the dead-end side—Remember the well-known saying: “Never saddle a dead horse.” Use at least two or three wire rope clips to secure the ends properly to the length of the rope, and tighten nuts evenly one by one until reaching the recommended torque.

How to install wire rope clips

First, wire rope clips should be inspected before use to ensure that:

• all markings are legible;
• the wire rope clip is free from nicks, gouges, and cracks;
• a wire rope clip with the correct dimension has been selected;
• never repair or reshape a wire rope clip by welding, heating, or bending as this may affect the performance.

And then, The following is based on the use of proper size U-Bolt clips on the new rope.

Step 1. Turn back a specified amount of rope from the thimble or loop. The first clip must be placed one bridge width from the turned back rope tailor dead end of the rope, Apply U-Bolt over dead end of wire rope – live end rests in the saddle (Never saddle a dead horse!) Tighten nuts evenly, alternate from one nut to the other until reaching the recommended torque.

Step 2. When more than two clips are required, apply the second clip as near the loop or thimble as possible, tighten the nuts firmly but not yet to the specified torque.

Step 3. When three or more clips are required, space additional clips equally between the first two – take up rope slack – tighten nuts on each U-Bolt evenly, alternating from one nut to the other until reaching recommended torque.

Step 4. Apply the first load to test the assembly. This load should be of equal or greater – weight than loads expected in use. Next, check and retighten nuts to recommended torque.

In accordance with good rigging and maintenance practices, the wire rope end termination should be inspected periodically for wear, abuse, and general adequacy. Periodically re-tightening of the nuts must be done at 10.000 cycles (heavy usage), 20.000 e.g. every 3 months, 6 months, annually.

Also, the tightening and retightening of the nuts must be accomplished as required.
Use only forged clips for critical, heavy-duty, overhead loads, such as support lines, guy lines, towing lines, tie-downs, scaffolds, etc.
Malleable clips are to be used for making eye termination assemblies only with the right regular lay wire rope and only for light-duty uses with small applied loads, such as handrails, fencing, guard rails, etc.

If you have any wire rope clips questions, you can contact us by email at info@hilifting.com. We will be glad to share with you more useful information.