DIN1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip

Din1142 malleable wire rope clips are Yellow galvanized(Zinc Plated) differ to other malleable light duty wire rope clip, its saddles material is a malleable iron, however, the U-bolts and nuts are A3 carbon steel, they can easily make eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together.

They are a simple accessories and commonly be installed in the shop and the field, and meet the performance requirements of EN standard EN13411-5.

Material: Malleable Iron

Surface: Electro-Galvanized

Size: From 5mm to 40mm

Standard: European Type

Brand: Unbranded/Generic

Application: Lashing, Towing

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DIN1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clips Specification:

MOQ 1 Pallet, 1 Ton or 3000USD
Wire rope clip material Malleable Iron
Surface finish Wire rope clip saddle, U-bolt and nuts, Yellow galvanized(Zinc Plated)
Wire rope clip sizes From 6mm to 50mm
Technique Procedure Cast
Standard EN BS 13411-5
Wire rope clip HS code 732690

DIN1142 Malleable Galvanized Wire Rope Clip Description:

  • It is very easy to produce and torque, commonly used in static bolted and rope fastening, such as electric power, communications line, band fastening, etc for critical applications.. Check out this article about: A Complete Guide to Wire Rope Clips
  • The malleable wire cable clamp approximate failure load is 80%~90% of the cable’s breaking load
    **Malleable iron wire rope clips should only be used in non-critical applications**
  • Wire rope clamp HS Code: 732690

DIN 1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip Details

How to install wire rope clips?

Commonly wire rope clamp installation is very simple, there’s a well-known saying can help you remember how to attach wire rope clips, that reads “never saddle a dead horse.” Just follow the recommendation ways:

  • The dead-end of the wire rope (the end of the cut side) must be contacted with the U bolt, then the saddle should be on the live end.
  • Keep three or more wire rope clips attached at the end of the wire rope dead end, space between each wire rope clip should be at least 6 times the wire rope diameter.
  • Tighten the wire rope clip closest to the thimble eye loop as possible, and never start from the one farthest from eye separately first.
  • You can see the correct and incorrect ways of installation from the following pictures and find how many wire rope clips to use at one wire rope loop.
  • Check out this article for more about wire rope clamp installation.

DIN 1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip Applications

Shipping and Payment Term:

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  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
  • We currently accept T/T & L/C.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping or payment, we will be happy to assist you.

Light Duty Din1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip capacity suit for the diameter rope from 5mm to 40mm and meet the requirements of EN BS 13411-5

DIN 1142 Malleable Wire Rope Clip Sketch


Part No. Diameter Rope (mm.) Weight  100PCS (kgs.) Dimensions(mm)
hlt11420005 5 2.08 12 13 13 5 13 25 20
hlt11420605 6.5 4 14 16 17 6 14 30 26
hlt11420008 8 8.2 18 20 20 8 18 39 33
hlt11420010 10 9.2 20 20 24 8 21 40 38
hlt11420013 13 27.5 27 28 30 12 29 55 52
hlt11420016 16 43 32 32 35 14 35 64 64
hlt11420019 19 49 36 32 36 14 40 68 69
hlt11420022 22 68 40 34 40 16 44 74 80
hlt11420026 26 117 46 38 50 20 51 84 91
hlt11420030 30 140 54 41 55 20 59 95 107
hlt11420034 34 213 60 45 60 22 67 105 119
hlt11420040 40 268 68 49 65 24 77 117 135