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Marine Hardware

Hilifting marine hardware product line mainly includes marine anchor chain, offshore mooring chain, marine anchor and anchor chain accessories, deck outfitting, fiber ropes, marine rubber fenders and airbags, mooring buoy. In order to meet the different needs of our overseas customers, we are also able to source other marine hardware in China.

Your Reliable Marine Hardware Manufacturer In China, Quality is our first priority. Marine hardware is approved by ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, ClassNK, KR, RINA and CCS classification society, our sales team can ensure you that we can understand your requirements well and deal with the projects immediately and professionally.

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Marine Anchor Chain

Hilifting supplies Marine anchor chains for 20 years, including studless link anchor which is also called marine open link anchor chain, and stud link anchor chain, classification certificates approved by ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, ClassNK, KR, RINA and CCS…

Stud Link Anchor Chain

Offshore Mooring Chain

Hilifting supplies stud links offshore mooring chain and studless links offshore mooring chain, grade from R3, R3S, R4 and R4S to R5, perfect for offshore oil platform, offshore oil storage ship, offshore buoys and other other ocean development facilities…

stud offshore mooring chain

Marine Anchor

Hilifting is the best marine anchor manufacturers in China, our marine anchors can be divided into three different types of anchors: High Holding Power Anchors, Stockless Anchors, and Special Types Anchors…

spek stockless anchor for sale

Anchor and Anchor Chain Accessories

Anchor shackle, joining shackle, end link, and swivel forerunner is the common marine anchor chain terminated connectors for mooring lines, which are available from different diameters and grades…

Anchor D Type End Shackle

Deck Outfitting

Hilifting is the professional mooring deck equipment manufacturer, our deck outfitting includes marine mooring chock, marine chain stopper, marine fairlead, marine roller, marine bollard, marine mooring items passes the quality system…

Double Bitt Bollard

Fiber Ropes

Mooring fiber ropes feature strong strength, wearing resisting, soft, light weight, easy operation, high safety, corrosion resisting, and anti-aging, are widely used by tankers and cargo vessels, cruise ships and ferries, tug and salvage operators…

Polyester Rope

Marine Rubber Fenders and Airbags

Marine fenders are filled solid rubber foam rubber, can be used for ship protection medium against collision among ship-to-ship (STS), ship to quay (STQ) and ship-to-berthing (STB), while airbags interiors are hollow and their walls…

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoy is a floating mark anchored in the specific location to indicate shoal, navigation obstruction, or specialized water navigational mark. Hilifting is the best mooring buoy supplier in China, can offer wide types of marine floating buoys…

Steel Mooring Buoy

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