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Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles can form an eye or loop at the end of wire rope or wire rope sling to offer added protection from wear and tear of direct contact and deformation of the eye to keep an eye from being crushed, extending the service life of the wire rope or wire rope sling.

Hilifting is one of the best wire rope thimble manufacturers in China, we offer various types of wire rope thimbles with a range of sizes, suitable for wire rope diameters, commercial standard thimbles, light duty rope cable thimbles, and heavy duty steel thimbles.

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1. What is a wire rope thimble?

Wire rope thimbles are designed to make reinforce wire rope loops with sleeves or wire rope clips or clamps by preventing fraying caused by friction at the bearing anchor point to protect and extend the service life of the Wire Rope or Wire Rope Sling. They are just one of the many types of wire rope fittings (ferrules, wire rope clips, terminals, etc.).

DIN 6899 Type B Wire Rope Thimble Applications

2. Different types of wire rope thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are available in a variety of strengths and materials, but mainly they come in two different duty grades.

  • Light duty: Our light duty thimbles are all zinc plated, can be used in static applications.

If you use it in high moisture or corrosive environments, recommend our stainless steel wire rope thimbles which can offer resistance to corrosion on the surface, particularly in marine applications.

3. Wire rope thimble installation

  • Step 1
    Simply wrap the end of the wire rope around the outer groove of the thimble, lace the dead end of the wire rope past the U-bolt of the wire rope grips or a wire rope ferrule crimp to hold onto the bearing anchor point at the end of the thimble to prevent fraying caused by friction.

Wire rope thimble installation step 1

  • Step 2
    Once in place, put another wire rope clip as near the loop you just wrapped over the thimble. Turn nuts firmly but do not yet tighten to the proper torque, we recommend using a crimping/swaging tool to compress the ferrule firmly onto the rope to hold your thimble loop securely.

Wire rope thimble installation step 2

Alternatively, you can use a wire rope ferrule crimp to secure your thimble in place. this method is quick and easy to install. For further information on installation using a wire rope ferrule please – click here

Wire rope thimble with ferrule crimp

  • Step 3
    Apply all other wire rope clips, spaced equally
    between the first two, tighten them securely with an adjustable wrench to recommended torque. They should be 6-7 rope diameters apart.

Wire rope thimble installation step 4

4. How to use wire rope thimble?

Wire rope thimbles are used in conjunction with cable and rope to protect the eyes and will allow for smooth rope guiding around natural curves. So that the most important thing is to make sure the thimble eye securely fastened. Here are some tips for correctly using wire rope thimble:

  1. To know the right rope thimble size to the cable, for example when you are using 1/2″ uncoated rope cable, use a 1/2″ wire rope thimble.
  2. Make sure that the cable thimbles size properly and securely fastened in the eye of the loop, not too loose or too tighten, so they can create an extra layer of support to connect with other properly sized rigging fittings.
  3. While you are using a vinyl coated cable, you should multiply the actual size of the cable, usually use a larger size thimble than normal, for the actual diameter is the thickness of the vinyl coating plus the inside wire rope diameter. For example, if you are using a 5/16″ vinyl coated cable that is coated to 3/8″ diameter, you’d want to use a 3/8″ wire rope thimble.

Find our full selection of cable thimbles, check out our Wire Rope Thimble category, or download our rope thimbles file.

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