Wire Rope Thimbles Manufacturer

Hilifting is one of the best wire rope thimble manufacturers in China, we offer various types of wire rope thimbles with a range of sizes, suitable for wire rope diameters, commercial standard thimbles, light duty rope cable thimbles, and heavy duty steel thimbles.

Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire Rope Thimble BS464

BS464 Wire Rope Thimble

Forged Heavy Duty Thimble G414

US Type Heavy Duty Wire Rope Thimble G414

Tubular Thimble without Gusset

Tube Rope Thimble

European Commercial Type Wire Rope Thimble

European Commercial Type Wire Rope Thimble

DIN6899 B Galv Wire Rope Thimble

DIN6899 Type B Wire Rope Thimble

DIN6899 A Galv Wire Rope Thimble

DIN6899 Type A Wire Rope Thimble

Galvanized Light Duty Wire Rope Thimble G411

US Type Light Duty Wire Rope Thimble G411

Top Wire Rope Thimbles Supplier in China

Hilifting is the leading wire rope thimbles supplier in China. We supply many types of wire rope thimbles, including BS464 wire rope thimbles, galvanized DIN6899 wire rope thimbles, tube wire rope thimble, and heavy duty and light duty thimbles, which meet the standards of the US, EN, DIN, and JIS.

If you have any Interested in wholesale wire rope thimbles, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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