Mining Chain Manufacturer

Hilifting is a professional mining chain manufacturer in China, our factory can supply round link and compact coal mining chain, commonly with the DIN 22252 specification, manufactured using high alloy steel, heat-treated, ideal for aggressive mining, ash handling, cement production, and other heavy-duty applications.

Mining Chain

Grade 80 Coal Mining Chain Compact Chain

Grade 80 Coal Mining Chain Compact Chain

Grade 100 Round Link Coal Mining Chain

Grade 100 Round Link Coal Mining Chain

Top Mining Chain Supplier in China

The mining chains are made from alloy steel, can provide maximum strength for long service life, are typically used in ash conveyor systems for coal-fired and biomass generation stations, due to their high strength and flexibility in operation. As a professional mining chains supplier with more than 20 years experience in China, Hilifting doesn’t only sell chains to you but also supplies you with the best solution to make your business grow and succeed.

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