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Hilifting is the best trolley clamp manufacturer, our trolley clamps feature superior performance and long, efficient service, universal hanging clevis accepts most hooks mounted chain hoists.

Trolley Clamp

PTL-A Plain Trolley

PTL-A Plain Trolley

GCL-A Geared Trolley

GCL-A Geared Trolley

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Trolley clamp is also referred to as trolley winch or trolley beam clamp, it is a manual hand trolley, commonly has two types, plain/push trolley and geared trolley, the plain/push trolley has screw adjustability to fit the beam sizes just turn the screw bar to securely grip the beam track, while the geared trolley features dual tread wheels modified to fit a wide range of beam sizes and styles.

Be sure to buy a high-quality trolley clamp for your winching and handling needs from Hilifting, our knowledgeable sales team can provide your exact requirements.

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