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Hilifting is the best marine anchor accessories manufacturer in China, we can offer many different anchor types marine fittings, including marine anchor swivels, marine anchor shackle for anchor marine to secure safety connection. All range of chains & accessories is available in black tarred, H.D.G.

Anchor and Anchor Chain Accessories

End Link

End Link

Enlarged End Link

Enlarged End Link

Pear Link Shackle

Pear Shackle

Swivel Forerunner

Swivel Forerunner

D Type End Joining Shackle

D Type Anchor Shackle

Kenter Type Joining Shackle

Kenter Type Joining Shackle

Top Anchor and Anchor Chain Accessories Supplier in China

Anchor shackle, joining shackle, end link, and swivel forerunner is the common marine anchor chain terminated connectors for mooring lines, which are available from different diameters and grades.

No matter what do you need from Marine in China, we prefer to offer it in China, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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