Useful Tips For You Buying Snap Hooks

  1. What is a carabiner snap hook?

Snap hooks, also known as spring hooks,  spring snaps, spring links, or carabiners—are snaps with a spring trigger on the body to fast and easily connect a rope, cord, or other target lines. Snaps hooks are a common but essential component in a huge range of industrial applications, from dog leashes to luggage to marine, agricultural, and construction applications

Snap Hook Egg Type DIN5299 Form B Applications

  1. Type of snap hooks

Hilifting carries a large variety of snap hooks, in a range of sizes and shapes.

Regular snap hooks are the most popular type spring hooks, for their simplistic design and low cost, feature an auto self-lock spring gate for fast on/off, can be easily and quickly release.

Snap hook with eyelet: is a carabiner spring snap hook, features an auto self-lock spring and grommet eyelet which automatically locks whenever the gate is closed. It can make quick connections with chain, rope, end links or other fittings in outdoors applications.

Snap hook with screw: also known as screwfix snap hook features an auto-lock screw that need manually locks whenever the gate is closed.


  1. What is snap hook used for?

Snap hooks are designed for light to heavy duty applications, from dog leashes to luggage to marine, for quickly open the spring-loaded entryway to detach a rope or line, our snap hooks are available at different cost and quality levels, including eyes, swivel eyes, and bolt snap, to meet the needs of any application. Most snap hooks feature spring-loaded closures opposite their end connectors, for fast and easy to attach to anchor chains, trailer safety chains, to secure equipment, or to secure vessels to docks.


  1. Get the right and good quality snap hooks from Hilifting

Hilifting’s spring snap hooks are available in bulk quantities, We stock zinc plated snap hook and stainless steel varieties.

At Hilifting, we offer a wide range of snap products and are happy to help each customer find the perfect item to match his application. If you’d like to learn more about our product line, reach out to us today or browse our online catalog. We work hard to ensure that our snap hooks are strong, durable, and will meet your specific needs.