How Are Wire Ropes Produced?

Wire ropes can be seen everywhere around us, they are made of strands or bundles of individual wires constructed around an independent core, suitable for construction, industrial, fitness, commercial, architectural, agricultural, and marine rigging applications.

In this article, we will shortly describe how to produce the wire ropes.

How Are Wire Ropes Produced

Wire rod

Wire rod is made from high carbon steel wires(0.35 to 0.85 percent carbon) in a hot rolling process of a required diameter, usually from 5.5mm to 8 mm.

Surface treatment

Descaling dust and rust from the outer surface of the wire rod to facilitate the drawing process.

First Drawing

Wire rod is drawn to the required diameter by the 1st drawing machine after descaling dust and rust, adding mechanical properties suitable for application.


The first drawn wires are transformed into a heat treatment furnace to obtain the required microstructure and to facilitate drawing.

Second Drawing

The patented wire is drawn for the final required size of wire.


Positioning the wires different or the same size lay in multiple layers and same direction, or cross lay and diameter is maintained by one-third of the rope size.


After completing the set of strands, these strands are laid on a core (Fiber or Steel ) which produces the rope of the required diameter.

So in theory, it is very simple to manufacture wire ropes. However there are many more details that must be closely monitored and controlled, and this requires time and experienced personnel since it is a super complicated project you cannot imagine.

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