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  • Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 6×19S 6×19W

Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 6×19S 6×19W

Galvanized steel wire rope 6×19S 6×19W is 6×19 classification, widely used for robust and abrasion-resistant, lifting and towing applications, it features right-hand ordinary lay wire rope with construction 9+9+1 Fibre Core or IWR with flexibility as well as durability abrasion resistance or crushing on the drum, but its fatigue resistance is decreased.

  • Material: High Tensile Steel

  • Surface: Electro-Galvanized / Hot Dipped Galvanized / Stainless Steel

  • Breaking Load: From 4.34 KN to 3970 KN

  • Size: From 3mm to 80mm

  • Standard: GB/T 20118-2006

  • Application: Lashing, Towing, Not For overhead lifting,

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