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How The Shackle Is Produced?


How the Shackle is produced?

Anchor shackle, snap shackle, chain shackles, tow shackle, recovery shackle, there are hundreds of types of shackles are the most commonly used in rigging applications, how are these rigging shackles produced? In this article, we will show you how to produce the shackles product.

Main Procedures include:

Cutting → Heating → Roll Forging → Punch Bending→Die Forging → Edge Cutting → Burr Removing→ Drilling, Tapping, Thread Rolling → Heat Treatment (Quenched & Tempered) → Shot Blasting → Surface Treatment → Inspection→ Packing


  • Cutting: We use the cold cutting by 5000kN type shears to the whole round steel into pieces, no matter what size you want to produce such as 3/8 inch shackle, 1/2 inch shackle, 5/8 inch shackle, 3/4 inch shackle, or even 4 inch shackle, we should make sure the round steel pieces length is at least two times of shackles body length.
  • Roll forging and punching bending are also the very important processes, for heating the shackle and hammering it into shape to creates the desired steel grain structure.
  • In the process goes into making these shackles, dia forging and heat treatment steps are the key points, after dia forging, all load rated shackles structure has become more compact, and the plastic and mechanical properties of the shackle rating have been improved.
  • Heat treatment also known as Quenched and Tempered, makes the shackles have a high fatigue resistance and allows the shackle body and pin to bend before breaking, not to brittle fracture, keep the load rating safe, keep the required temperature and time on auto-continuous heat treatment furnace, then you can get the high strength shackles featured 6times W.L.L
  • Edge Cutting, Burr Removing, Drilling, Tapping, and Thread Rolling steps make the shackles surface more smooth, and prepare for the next process surface finishing.
  • Surface treatment can offer excellent protection from rust and corrosion for rigging shackles, making them achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions of heat, cold and salt corrosion, etc

So in theory, it is very simple to manufacture the rigging shackles. However there are many more details that must be closely monitored and controlled, and this requires time and experienced personnel.
If you want to get more useful knowledge about producing the lifting shackles, you can contact us by email at We will be glad to share with you more useful information.


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