4 Rules For Safe Use Of Shackles

Shackles are used for critical lifting and rigging applications, it’s very important to know some basic safety rules, in learning how to the safe use of shackles, it’s very important to know the Break Strength (B.S.) and Working Work Load Limit (W.L.L).

  • Each component of rigging hardware – shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, etc have a break strength and working load limited, please check out this useful article to know more about Break Strength and W.L.L. So never load shackles beyond their Working Work Load Limit, or use the shackles that W.L.L marking is not legible.

Shackle Working Load Limit

  • Shackles should be a visual inspection before starting any lift to check whether there are any signs of wear, deformation, cracks, or metal loss on the body, the shackle pin. Make sure the shackle pin entirely intact and screwed in properly in the shackle.
  • Periodic inspections, regular maintenance are necessary and important criteria for the shackles, keep the rigging shackles away from the edge of sharp objects, avoid dragging, wearing, and high load operation beyond its W.L.L.
  • It must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment, If not used in the short term. Keep the surface of the rigging clean, avoid heating and direct sunlight, keep away from Corrosive chemicals.

See this link more about the Working load limit(W.L.L). Above are the four points you should know the rules on the safe use of shackles. If you are interested in our lifting shackles, feel free to contact us at info@hilifting.com.

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