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  • AS2741 Type Grade S Dee Shackle
  • AS 2741 (Australian) Type Grade S Or 6 Dee Shackle

Grade S Dee Shackle With Screw Pin AS2741

Grade S Dee Shackle is made of high tensile steel, marked Grade “S” / “6” on the top of the shackle, the mark “S” means that it is an Alloy Grade “S” for lifting shackles and the number “6” indicates that it is compliant with European all load rated shackle.

Hilifting S/6 D shackles are manufactured a.c.c the requirements of AS 2741-2002 and European Standard EN13889-2003.

  • Material: High Tensile Steel

  • Surface: Hot Dipped Galvanized

  • W.L.L: From 0.5 Tons to 42.5 Tons

  • Size: From 6mm to 57mm

  • Standard: AS2741 Type

  • Safety Factor: 6:1 Grade “S”

  • Brand: Unbranded/Generic

  • Application: Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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