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Drop Forged Bolt Anchor Shackle G2130
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US Type Bolt Anchor Shackle 2130

US-type bolt anchor shackle 2130 is a kind of bow shackle with a safety cotter pin, it is a tough and durable rigging accessory. Wetop G2130 Shackle body is made from high tensile carbon steel(C1045), and the shackle safety pin is premium quality alloy steel(40Cr), standards met by US Fed. Spec.RR C 271 & ASME B30 26.

Proof load at 2 times the Working Load Limit(W. L. L). Minimum Breaking Strength(M.B.S) at 6 times (heat treatment) or 4 times (non Quenched and Tempered) the W.L.L.

Material: Body Carbon Steel C1045(#45)/Pin Alloy Steel

Surface: Electric Galvanized/Hot Dipped Galvanized

W.L.L: From 1/3 Tons to 150 Tons

Size: From 3/16″ to 4″

Standard: U.S. Federal Specification RR-C-271D / ASME B30.26

Safety Factor: 6:1 or 4:1

Brand: Unbranded/Generic

Application: Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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MOQ1 Pallet, 1 Ton or 3000USD
G2130 Shackle ComponentBody Carbon Steel(#45), Shackle Safety Pin Alloy Steel
Surface finishBody : Hot Dipped Galvanized / Powder Coated / Zinc Plated(Galvanized)
Safety Pin: Powder Coated / Zinc Plated
Shackle SizesFrom 3/16″ 1/3 ton shackle to 4″ 140 ton shackle
Technique ProcedureBody: Drop Forged / Quenched and Tempered


Safety Pin: Hot/Cold forging / Drop Forged / Quenched and Tempered

Safety Factor6 : 1 / 4 : 1
HS code732690

Key features:

  • G2130 anchor shackle bolt type can be used in permanent or long-term lifting applications, or if there’s a risk of a load sliding on the shackle pin, causing it to rotate, for the locking nut and shackle cotter pin. We also have g2150 shackle for your option, if you want to know differences for types of shackles, check this article: What Are The Different Types of Shackles?
  • The g2130 shackle pin can be powder coated in many colors: Red, Yellow, Black, Green and Blue, etc, also can be customized painting.
  • Hot dipped galvanized & Zinc Plated(Electric galvanized) are our common surface finishing, also have many options for your choice, read this article: Surface Finish: 4 Common Types You Should Know
  • HS Code for shackle: 732690

US Type Bolt Anchor Shackle Details

4 Rules you should know for safe use of shackles:

  • Each component of rigging hardware – have a break strength and working load limited, never load shackles beyond their Working Work Load Limit, or use the shackles that W.L.L marking is not legible.
  • Shackles should be a visual inspection before starting any lift to check whether there are any signs of wear, deformation, cracks, or metal loss on the body, the shackle pin. Make sure the shackle pin entirely intact and screwed in properly in the shackle.
  • Periodic inspections, regular maintenance are necessary and important criteria for the shackles, keep the rigging shackles away from the edge of sharp objects, avoid dragging, wearing, and high load operation beyond its W.L.L.
  • It must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment, If not used in the short term. Keep the surface of the rigging clean, avoid heating and direct sunlight, keep away from Corrosive chemicals.
  • Check this guide about safe use of shackles.

Shipping and Payment Term:

  • We generally ship cargos worldwide by sea. The goods will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.
  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
  • We currently accept T/T & L/C.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping or payment, we will be happy to assist you.


Shackle sizes:

This safety pin bow shackle sizes and ratings From 3/16″ 1/3 ton  to 4″ 140 ton which meet the requirements of U.S. Federal Specification RR-C-271D, Forging tolerances: +- 5%

US Type Safety Bow Shackle Sketch
Part No.Nominal
hlt213000053/16″  1/30.039.656.3522.414.2
hlt213000061/4″  1/20.0511.97.8528.715.5
hlt213000085/16″  3/


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