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Galvanized Wide Jaw Quick Link
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Wide Jaw Quick Link

Wide jaw quick link is a long quick repair chain link, this quick link chain repair has a wider jaw than a standard pattern and also has a longer body. It is a very popular type of light duty chain repair link, they can quickly and easily installed for a long and short link chain and fasten tightly with fingers, requiring no tools, we also have standard quick link for your option.

Material: High Tensile Steel

Surface: Electric Galvanized

W.L.L: From 175 lbs to 2500 lbs

Size: From 3.5 mm to 12 mm

Standard: EN Type

Brand: Unbranded/Generic

Application: Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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MOQ1 Pallet, 1 Ton or 3000USD
Wide jaw quick link materialHigh Tensile Steel
Surface finishZinc plated
Wide jaw quick link sizesFrom 3.5 mm to 14 mm
Technique ProcedureStamping
Applicationhiking, camping and general outdoor Not for overhead lifting
HS code732690


  • Designed to make permanent or temporary connections for their reusable and moveable characteristic, household uses and climbing of hanging accessories with harness or saddle, commonly used to repair light duty, lower grade chains.
  • Great for hiking, camping, and great for chain display systems, sign and light hanging, marine, security, architectural, decorative and many more.
  • Not for overhead lifting, fall arrest, and other critical applications. No matter how you use these links, always adhere to the Working Load Limits and inspect often.
  • Check out this article about: Useful Tips For You Buying Snap Hooks.
  • Wide jaw quick link HS code: 732690

Wide Jaw Quick Link Details


Quick Link Packages


Quick Link Applications

Shipping and Payment Term:

  • We generally ship cargos worldwide by sea. The goods will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.
  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
  • We currently accept T/T & L/C.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping or payment, we will be happy to assist you.

Long Oval quick link sizes are from 3.5 mm to 14 mm, excellent for chain display systems, sign and light hanging, marine, security, architectural, decorative and many more applications.

Wide Jaw Quick Link Sketch


Part No.SizeAL1L2FW.L.L


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