How to measure a turnbuckle?

Turnbuckles are composed of two threaded rods that terminate in eyes, hooks or jaws. It is important to know how to correctly measure the turnbuckle when preparing to secure a structure. You can follow these steps to measure turnbuckle dimensions:

US Drop Forged Hook To Hook Turnbuckle Sketch


Make sure the turnbuckle is completely closed by turning the center frame (the take-up) that the two threaded rods are fitted through in a clockwise direction until the ends of the threaded rods touch.

Step 2

Measure the diameter of the threaded rod with a caliper ruler. Close the calipers on the threaded rod just above the first thread near the eye, hook or jaw. Make sure the calipers are not on the thread itself or too far up from the thread that the calipers are measuring where the rod begins to flare into the end eye, hook or jaw. Note this measurement and label it ‘A.’

Step 3

Use a straight ruler to measure the length of the inside of the take-up. The take-up is what is turned to loosen or tighten the turnbuckle. The inside of the take-up is the rectangle inside the frame through which the threaded rods can be seen. Measure end to end of the inside of the frame. Note the measurement and label it “BB.”

Step 4

Locate the listing on a turnbuckle load chart that matches the measurements for A (the threaded diameter) and BB (the take-up). Note the load capacity of that turnbuckle size. Each turnbuckle size is unique to load capacity, there will not be duplicate threaded diameter and take-up measurements for different load capacities.


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