How to use a turnbuckle?

Before the installation of any type of turnbuckle hardware, it is important to know the right and left thread and the Working Load Limit (WLL), click here for more knowledge of M.B.S & W.L.L. By common convention, most threads are the default for right-handed screw threads. Therefore, most threaded parts and fasteners have right-handed threads.

The right-hand rule of screw threads

When seen from a point of view on the axis through the center of the helix, it moves away from you when it is turned in a clockwise direction and moves towards you when it is turned counterclockwise. This is known as a right-handed (RH) thread because it follows the right-hand grip rule. Threads oriented in the opposite direction are known as left-handed (LH).

Right- and left-handed screw threads

So commonly you can see the letter “R” and ” L” on both turnbuckle body end.

right thread and left thread

Keep in mind of straightforward steps:

  • First, unscrew end fittings from the turnbuckle body until completely extended to the full take-up length.
  • Second, connect end fittings on either end to desired securement point, for eye end and hook end fittings, simply loop it through whatever securement point it will be connected to, as for jaw end fitting, unscrew the bolt from the jaw, place the securement point between the clevis ears (thimble, eye bolt, etc), then place the bolt through, and screw it shut.

How to use a turnbuckle

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