Endless Web Sling ASME Manufacturer

Hilifting is the best endless flat slings manufacturers in China, we can manufacture in accordance with all relevant regulations, including the EN1492-1 and ASME/ANSI B30.9.WSTDA is available in a different of widths and colors to denote their different working load limits.

Endless Web Sling ASME

Endless webbing slings are also called endless slings, belt slings, soft slings, endless round slings or endless web slings because they can form continuous loops and have no end fittings or reinforced lifting eyes. It has a very high strength tenacity but very economical and excellent water-and stain-repellent, offers a good resistant to UV and chemicals, easy to handle and is ideal for marine and outdoor slinging applications.

Endless Web Sling ASME

Endless Web Sling ASME

Top Endless Web Sling ASME Supplier in China

Hilifting is a professional endless webbing sling supplier in China, we can offer supply high quality endless webbing slings meet the standard of ASME.

If you have any Interested in wholesale endless flat slings, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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