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Do You Really Know Rigging Hooks-Rigging Hooks Guide

Do You Really Know Rigging Hooks-Rigging Hooks Guide Rigging hooks are load lifting, towing, or other heavy-duty application rigging accessories, they are available with a variety of end connectors, to the fast and easy attachment for rigging applications with a different design, strength, and capacity. Rigging hooks come in a variety of styles and capacities [...]


How Should You Use Eye Bolts Safely?

Orient the eye bolt in line with the slings. If the load is applied sideways, the eye bolt may bend. Pack washers between the shoulder and the load surface to ensure that the eye bolt firmly contacts the surface. Make sure that the nut is properly torqued. Engage at least 90% of threads in a [...]


What Should You Avoid When Using Eye Bolts?

Do not run a sling through a pair of eye bolts – it will reduce the effective angle of lift and will put more strain on the rigging. Do not force the slings through eye bolts. This force may alter the load and the angle of loading. Do not use eye bolts that have been [...]


How To Select The Right Eye Bolt?

How To Select The Right Eye Bolt? When selecting an eye bolt, it is important to know the correct eyebolt based on its type and capacity for the lift you are conducting. Plain or regular eye bolts (non-shoulder) are for vertical loading only. Not recommended for angular load applications. Use shoulder eye bolts for vertical [...]

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