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  • G80 European Type Eye Grab Hook With
  • G80 European Type Eye Shortening Grab Hook

G80 European Type Eye Shortening Grab Hook

Grade 80 eye shortening grab hook has a special shallow throat opening, can grab a link of the chain and prevent it from slipping, but the shortening design can hold a whole link of the chain, enable a more secure hold than common grab hook. It provides the flexibility to shorten chain leg on a sling may also be used for back-hooking, we also have US type G80 connecting link G80 clevis shortening grab hook for your option.

  • Material: Forged Alloy Steel

  • Surface: Powder plastifed (Red / Yellow)

  • Size: From 6mm to 32mm

  • Safety Factor: 4:1

  • Application: Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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