M Type Rubber Fender

Hilifting is the best M rubber fender supplier in China, this marine rubber fender features sharp “M”, a wide and flexible contact surface with the grooves on the top grip, and three flexible legs to ensure good contact and sturdy attachment, used on the bow or stern of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons.

Material: Natural Rubber

Diameter: 300mm to 800mm

Features: High energy absorption,low reaction force.

Application: widely used on the bow or stern of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons

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M Type Rubber Fender Specification:

Size From 300mm to 800mm

Product name M Type Rubber Fender
Material Natural Rubber
Features High energy absorption,low reaction force.

The installation is firm, easy to change.

M Type Rubber Fender Parameter Table:

h(mm) s(mm) w(mm) b(mm) C(mm) d(mm)
M300 300 396 60 204 140 750
M400 400 528 80 272 150 1000
M500 500 660 100 340 160 1250
M600 600 776 120 408 170 1500
M800 800 1035 160 544 180 2000

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