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Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353
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Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353

Synthetic webbing slings AS1353 is the best and excellent lifting slings compared with heavy and bulky wire rope slings or chain slings because webbing sling is a more cost effective lifting sling, features lightweight, flexible and versatile which become great a money savings alternative.

Wetop offers a complete range of webbing sling manufactured from high quality polyester yarn to comply with the requirements of AS 1353 with webbing sling safety factor 8:1, the web sling colour code for easy identification of Safe Working Load Limit.

Material: Polyester/Polyamide/Polypropylene

Ply: Single, Double, Three or Multi

Safety Factor: 8:1

Standard: EN 1492-1:2008 (Europe-Standard)

Length: From 1m to 12m

Application: Lashing, Towing and Lifting Overhead

Certification: CE, ISO9001, SGS, TUV

Marketing Channel: Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor.

Packaging Details: Shrink-wrapped, Export carton cases and pallet

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Polyester Webbing Sling AS 1353 Detail:

Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353 Details


Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353 Background

We are one of the best webbing sling suppliers in China. Flat duplex webbing sling is made from high tensile polyester yarn or nylon, then weaving the match the polyester yarn by looming machines bought from Kyang Hye, and Swiss Jakob Müller AG, dyeing machine helps to perform two operations on flat woven webbing sling, heating and cooling processes experienced by the webbing help to colour coded according to Safe Working Load Limit, Sewing step is the last and greatest important, we can produce simplex (single ply), duplex webbing sling (double ply) also can up to 4 plies. Final, sewing the labels for synthetic web sling safety bulletin and re-Enforced becket eyes.

High quality raw material (Polyester/Nylon, etc.)
Warping Machine
Weaving Machine
Sewing loom Machine
Dyeing Machine
Safety Bulletin Sewing Machine
Load Strength Test Machine
Film Packing Machine


Raw Material High Tensile Tenacity Polyester Incoming → Yarn Matching → Raw Material Warping → Weaving →  Dyeing → Measuring and Fusing → Joint Sewing and Burr Fusing (End Fitting Applying) → Multi strand wire rope → Sewing (synthetic web sling safety bulletin) → Test Inspection → Film Packing → Warehouse → Shipping

Synthetic web slings are sewn into different configurations and standards, such as eye and eye webbing sling ASME, webbing lifting slings EN1492-1 against different standard. polyester webbing sling, nylon web slings and dyneema webbing slings according to different webbing material. eye and eye webbing sling and endless webbing sling are different reinforced ending.

Synthetic Flat Web Lifting Slings Packing:

Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353 Packages

Polyester Flat Web Sling Inspection:

Raw Material Test
Working Load Limit and Breaking Strength Test
Surface Inspection
Finishing Inspection

8 Safety Factor Webbing Sling Applications:

Duplex eye eye webbing sling has a closed loop eye connector on each end can be sewn into single, double or multi plies with eye and eye type or endless grommet shape, the most common synthetic web slings are eye eye webbing sling (duplex plies) with high tenacity load rating can easily lift heavy duty equipment.

The webbing sling safety factor 8:1 is widely used for overhead lifting, delicate loads, for they feature more stronger, durable and relatively flexible, light weight than steel wire rope slings and chain slings. Perhaps the only significant concern of using synthetic web slings is they are more susceptible to potential damage such as cutting, tearing, abrasion, heat and U.V. degradation than wire rope slings or chain slings. So it is very important to inspect webbing sling regularly, here are some rules you need to know:

1. Shall not be loaded in excess of the rated capacity.
2. Shall not be dragged on the floor or over abrasive surfaces.
3. Shall not be twisted, Shortened, lengthened or tied in knots.
4. Shall not be pulled from under loads that are resting on it.
5. Shall not repair any damaged sling.
6. Shall not be stored in chemically active area, underultraviolet light or near heat.
7. Shall always be protected from sharp edges, sharp cornersor abrasive surfaces.
8. Shall always inspect sling before each use.
9. Shall always be inspected to ensure that the correct sling is being used.
10.Shall always have the load balanced before transporting.
11.Never use slings under -40°C Or more than 100°C.
12.Elongation rate <3% at working load <10% at breaking load.

Synthetic web slings both end can pair with rigging accessories to conjunct with a crane or some type of lifting device, such as hooks, rings or other attachments.

Synthetic Webbing Sling AS1353 Applications

Synthetic web sling capacity chart:

Ultimate load (Break Strength) of US Standard Flat Webbing Slings Eye & Eye is 7 times of the working load limit.
We offer the length of US Standard Flat Webbing Slings Eye & Eye from 1m to 12m usually but also can OEM or ODM against customers’ requests and M.B.S (lbs) from 15500 lbs to 14200 lbs.

Polyester Webbing Sling Specification:

Product namePolyester flat web lifting sling
MaterialPolyester Yarn
Safety Factor8:1 design factor
SizeFrom 1m to 12m
PackageStandard export package (Detailed picture please see the package tab)
Polyester webbing sling HS code630790
Country of originChina
Business typeSupplier and manufacturer
Brand nameUnbranded/Generic
Item No.Diameter RopeDimensions(in.)

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