ATV Snow Chains

Hilifting is the best snow chains for ATV tires supplier, our ATV snow traction chains are commonly configurated with two-link space and four-link spacing, fitting virtually all sport and utility all-terrain vehicles, also can offer V bar types for extra push and pulls traction.

Material: Alloy steel / Cabon steel

Surface: Zinc Plated, Case Harden

Packing: Plastic carton / Nylon handbag, 1pair/plastic carton or handbag, 5 pairs/carton, Carton Size:32X35X28CM, 20GP:4500 pairs

Type: Diamond / Diamond V-bar / Twisted 2-links spacing / Ladder 4-links spacing

Certificate: TUV/GS and Onrom V5117

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Best ATV Snow Chains For Sale Specifications:

Product name Best ATV Tire Chains For Snow
Material Steel
MOQ 1X20’GP (4500pairs)
Applications Anti-skid chains for car wheels in snow driving

Best Snow Chains For ATV Tires Size Chart:

Item No. Tire Size
ATV-008 20x10x9, 21x10x8, 22x10x10, 22x10x8, 22x10x9, 22x11x10, 22x11x8, 22x11x9, 22x7x10, 22x9x10,22x9x8, 23x10x12, 23x10x10, 23x8x11, 23x8x10, 24x8x11, 25x11x10, 25x11x9, 25x8x12
ATV-009 22x11x10,24x10x11, 24x10x12, 24x11x 10, 24x11x 12, 24x9x11, 24x9x12, 25x10x12, 25x11x9, 25x12x9
ATV-010 15x10x12, 23x11x 10, 24x10x11, 24x10x12, 24x11x9, 24x11x10 , 24×11.5×10, 24x12x12, 24x13x9, 25x10x10, 25x10x 11, 25x10x12, 25x11xl0, 25x11x12, 25x12x10, 25x12x9
ATV-568 22x7x10,22x8x10,22x9x10,22x10x10,22x8x11, 23x7x10, 23x8x10, 23x11x10
ATV-569 25x8x12
ATV-570 22x9x8, 22x11x8, 22x10x9, 22x11x9, 22x11x10,22 x10x11, 23.5x8x11, 24x11x10, 24x8x11, 24x8x12
ATV-571 23x10x10, 23x10x12, 24x9x11, 24x10x11, 24x11x11, 24x9x12, 24x10x12, 24x11x12, 25x8x12, 26x8x12
ATV-572 25x11x9, 25x12x9, 25x11x 10, 25x12x10, 25x10x12,25x11x12, 26x10x12, 26x11x12, 26x12x12
ATV-573 27x11x11, 27x10x12
ATV-575 22x7x10, 22x8x10, 22x9x10, 23x7x10, 23x8x10, 23x11x10  23x8x11
ATV-576 22x9x8, 22x10x8, 22x11x8, 20x10x9, 22x10x9, 22x11x9, 22x10x10, 22x11x10,22x10x11,23.5x8x11, 24×11.5×10, 24x8x11, 24x8x12
ATV-577 23x10x10, 23x10x12, 24x11x10, 24x9x11, 24x10x11, 24x11x11, 24x9x12, 24x10x12, 24x11x12, 24×11.5×12, 25x8x12, 26x8x12
ATV-578 25x11x9, 25x12x9, 25x11x10, 25x12x10, 25x10x12, 25x11x12, 26x10x12, 26x11x12, 26x12x12

Shipping and Payment Term:

  • We generally ship cargos worldwide by sea. The goods will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.
  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
  • We currently accept T/T & L/C.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping or payment, we will be happy to assist you.
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