PL PLE V-Bar Series Snow Chains

Hilifting is the best V bar snow tire chains supplier in China, our PL, PLE, V bar snow chains can quickly fit without moving or jacking, ideal for SUV trucks driving in heavy snowfall, icy road, mud, and scree or sand conditions, are the best snow chains for passenger car when driving in the poor road conditions.

Material: Cabon steel

Surface: Zinc Plated, Case Harden

Diameter:: ∅ 4.5 X 4.5mm

Packing: Plastic carton / Nylon handbag, 1pair/plastic carton or handbag, 5 pairs/carton, Carton Size:32X35X28CM, 20GP:4500 pairs

Type: PL PLE V-Bar Series Snow Chains Quick Attach Snow Chain For Car, D shape Link

Certificate: TUV/GS and Onrom V5117

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P, PL, V Bar Snow Tire Chains Specifications:

Product name P, PL, V Bar Snow Tire Chains
Material Steel
Feature d4.5×4.5mm, D shape Link
MOQ 1X20’GP (4500pairs)
Applications Anti-skid chains for car wheels in snow driving

Anti Skid P, PL, V Bar Passenger Car Snow Chain Size Chart:

Item No. Tire Size
12″&13″ 14″ 15″&OTHERS
PL,PLE,V-BAR10 145R12; 15R12; P165/70R12;145/80R12; 135R13; P155/65R13; 145/70R13; P135/80R13
PL,PLE,V-BAR14 6.00-12; 145R12; 155R12; P175/70R12; P155/80R12; 145R13; 155R13; P165/60R13; P165/65R13; P175/60R13; P185/65R13; P155/70R13; P165/70R13; P165/75R13; P145/80R13; P155/80R13 135R14;145R14; P165/60R14; P155/65R14 P145/70R14; 135R15
PL,PLE,V-BAR18 165R13; P185/60R13; P165/70R13; P175/70R13; P175/75R13; P165/80R13 6.00-14LT; 55R14; P175/60R14; P185/60R14; R165/65R14; P185/55R14; P175/65R14; P155/70R14; P165/70R14; P165/75R14; P165/80R14; P165/65R; 145R14; P145/70R16; P115/70R15; P165/70R360; P165/70R365; P145/80R15;
PL,PLE,V-BAR22 P175/80R13 175R14; P195/55R14; P175/75R14; P185/75R14; P175/70R14; 5.60-15; 155R15; 165R15; 185/55R15; P195/55R15; P185/60R15; P195/60R15; P185/65R15; P165/70R15; P175/70R15; P175/75R15; P165/80R15; P155/80R15;
PL,PLE,V-BAR26 175R13; 185R13; 195/60R13; P205/60R13; P215/60R13; P195/65R13; P185/70R13; P195/70R13; P185/75R13; P195/75R13; P175/80R13; P185/80R13 P205/55R14; P195/60R14; P185/85R365; P195/65R14; P175/70R14; P185/70R14; P220/45R15; P195/50R15; P205/50R15 P185/60R15; P185/65R15; P185/65R390; P175/70R15;
PL,PLE,V-BAR30 195R13; P125/65R13; P205/70R13; P185/85R13 7.00-14LT; 185R14; P215/60R14; P225/60R14; P205/65R14; P215/65R14; P195/70R14; P195/75R14; P185/80R14; 175R15; P225/50R15; P190/65R15; P190/65R390; P195/65R15; P205/65R15; P185/70R15; P185/70R365; P195/70R15; P185/75R15; P205/60R15; P200/60R390;
PL,PLE,V-BAR34 P235/50R13; P245/50R13; P235/60R13 195R14;205R14; P225/65R14; P235/60R14; P205/70R14; P215/70R14; P205/75R14; P215/75R14; 185R15; 195R15; P215/60R15; P225/60R15; P205/65R15; P205/70R15; P195/75R15; P205/75R15; P195/80R15; P205/50R16; P205/55R16; P215/55R16; P205/60ZR16; P215/60ZR16;
PL,PLE,V-BAR38 205R14;215R14; P265/50R14; P225/55R14; P245/60R14; P225/60R14; P225/70R14; P235/70R14; P225/75R14; 7.75-15; 205R15; 215R15; P245/50R15; P215/60R15; P235/60R15; P165/65R15; P220/65R390; P225/65R15; P215/70R15; P225/70R15; P205/75R15; P215/75R15; P245/50ZR16; P225/55R16; P235/55R16; P215/60ZR16; P225/60ZR16; P205/65R16; P235/45R17;
PL,PLE,V-BAR42 225R14; 265/60R14; P275/60R14; P245/70R14 8.55-15; 215R15; 225R15; 230R15; 235R15; P265/50R15; P275/50R15; P245/60R15; P255/60R15; P265/60R15; P275/60R15; P255/65R15; P235/70R15; P245/70R15; P225/75R15; P235/75R15; P225/80R15;P235/60R16; P245/60R16

Shipping and Payment Term:

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  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
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