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  • 4WD Snow Chains For SUV

4WD Snow Chains For SUV

Hilifting is the best 4WD snow chains supplier, our 4wd snow chains can quickly fit without moving or jacking, ideal for SUV trucks driving in heavy snowfall, icy road, mud, and scree or sand conditions, are the best snow chains for SUV tire traction when driving in the poor road conditions.

  • Material: Cabon steel

  • Surface: Zinc Plated, Case Harden

  • Cross Chains Diameter: ∅ 4.5 X 4.5mm

  • Packing: Plastic carton / Nylon handbag , 3 pairs/carton, Carton Size:36cm x 36cm x 18cm, 3600 pairs/1x20GP

  • Type: 4WD 16mm Quick Attach Snow Chain For SUV, Square D shape Link, diamond type (Net type)

  • Certificate: TUV/GS and Onrom V5117

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