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  • Indirect Type Load Binders
  • Indirect Type Load Binder

Indirect Type Load Binder

Indirect load binder also called spring load binder, recoilless chain binder, it is a more safety lever load binder, designed for conjunction with low loader chain, with a special handle for protecting finger trap and allowing easy release, ideal for flatbed, step deck, and double drop trailers.

Made from alloy Steel, then drop forged, machining, quenched & tempered.

Manufactured forged alloy steel, can pair chain size 5/16″(Grade 70 Chain)-3/8″(Grade 43 Chain) has working load limit 5400 lbs.

  • Material: High Tensile Steel

  • Surface: Powder Coating

  • W.L.L: 5400 lbs

  • Size: 5/16″-3/8″

  • Standard: US Type

  • Brand: Unbranded/Generic

  • Application: Overhead Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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