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  • Stainless Steel G411 Thimble
  • Stainless Steel G411 Light Duty Thimble

US Type G411 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimbles

G411 type stainless steel wire rope thimble is a standard regular duty rope thimble, it is a light-duty stainless steel thimble, can be used in static applications. Hilifting can also offer heavy duty stainless steel wire rope thimbles for permanent application, you can choose our  US Type G414 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimbles.

  • Material: AISI 316 / AISI 304

  • Surface: High polished finish

  • Size: From 1/8″ to 1-1/4″

  • Standard: US G411 Type

  • Brand: Unbranded/Generic

  • Application: Lifting, Lashing, Towing

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