Stainless Steel Eye Plates

Stainless Steel Eye Plates

Stainless steel eye plate is also called stainless steel pad eye, deck plate, which is used for attaching chains or fiber rope to fix on a wall, an eye allowing wire ropes, chains or snap hooks to be attached, then firmly holding by either two or four countersunk head holes on the plates. They are perfect for balustrading, garden, deck, sailing, fishing, and leisure projects.

Hilifting is one of the best stainless steel eye plate manufacturers with larger sizes being used when needing to spread the load over a wider area. Choose from oblong, round, square, and diamond shapes, available in a variety of sizes, all of them have a smooth and shiny electropolished finish for added corrosion resistance for they are made from 304 or 316 marine grade stainless steel, durable and finished perfect for marine, garden, wall plates lashing points.

We just listed some popular stainless steel eye plate items on the website. Please contact us if you are not finding the item you require.

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